Guest Post: Top Tips for a Successful Pre-Xmas Sort Out

Many people choose to declutter during the springtime – it’s a refreshing time of the year to do it and can be massively therapeutic once the hectic Christmas season has been and gone. However, that’s not always the best time to catch the decluttering bug. If you have the time to do it, giving your home a well-deserved sort out before Christmas would be a sensible plan, making room for new things as well as being able to show off your tidy and organised home to anyone who is planning to visit over the festive period. 
It’s understandable that decluttering can be found on many a New Year resolution list – we manage to pack so much into our homes throughout the year without even realising it and, unless you’re a strict minimalist who can’t handle the hoarding, you’ll find that you pick up things along the way that you don’t even need. Giving your home and your life one big sort out over the winter period will make you feel much better about yourself; knowing that everything has a place and there’s nothing in your home that isn’t needed is an awesome feeling. 
Break it down 
Tackling an entire house’s clutter would be a daunting task for the best of us, so break it down into individual tasks; make a list so that you can cross things off as you go. Start at the front door and work your way back and then head upstairs. Perhaps the downstairs toilet has turned into an oversized cloakroom. Throw away, sell or donate anything that you won’t be using again; if there are school shoes that are too small for the kids in there, what are they still in there for? If you think they’ve seen better days, replace them with one good pair of school shoes for boys from George at ASDA. Once you’re done with that task, give the room a good clean and cross it off your list. 
Donate and sell 
Don’t assume that because you don’t want your stuff anymore, someone else won’t. Rather than making a beeline for the tip, consider dropping things off at the local charity shop or, if its toys and books, the local children’s centre or preschool would appreciate them. Alternatively, sell things online – eBay can be a magical place for making some cash off your unwanted items. 
No more “we might need it one day” 
If you want to have a completely decluttered home, be ruthless. You have to be. Take a look at your belongings and think long and hard about whether you actually need them. Do you really need that blow up bed, just in case? Is that printer ever going to get used even though it’s not compatible with your PC? Probably not. If you insist on keeping hold of things, put them in the loft if they’re hardly ever used. 
Sort through your closets and storage cupboards and minimise on everything you don’t need. That includes the kids’ stuff, too (even if they will kick up a fuss).  

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