Busy, Busy, Bees!

Lifeeee, it's going so fast! My head can't keep up with it! It feels like on minute it's 6pm on Monday night and then all of a sudden it's 6pm on Tuesday night. It's crazy!

I know that I've said before, but life sped up by about 1000% as soon as Ethan was born! My head is still trying to get around the fact that our October Lake District holiday has come and gone, let alone that Christmas has now passed and that today is New years Eve! Again -- it's just crazy!

But here we are another year over and it's been a fantastic year! A fast, but fantastic year all the same.  Last year we got married, this year we had a baby and I'm hoping and keeping all of my fingers crossed that next year we'll move house! (Yep, right now that's still (nearly) happening, but moving house is the only thing that is actually slow! So we'll see!)

I know so many people have also had such brilliant years this year, with the birth of their own babies or getting married, so there's a few people that may feel a little sad to see the back of 2013, but there really is so much to look forward to! :)

The future is ours to write.

Pic source: weheartit.com