A Clever Little Money Saving Invention For Busy Families

Who's heard of Hive active heating? If you haven't it's worth having a little look here or, alternatively, reading on.. 

Hive Active Heating™ is built for busy lives. Using innovative technology it lets you control your heating and hot water remotely from your smartphone, tablet and laptop. Hive is an offspring of the British Gas team and the exciting new product lets you monitor, alter and control your heating and hot water all through the touch of a button on your smartphone or browser! You can adjust your schedules and temperatures away from home with the option for alerts to be sent to your mobile if temperatures reach a certain level. Which I think sounds pretty impressive, especially so for busy families on the go!

It costs just £199 for the full kit which includes a professional installation by a British Gas engineer. Oh and what's more is that it is designed to work with heating systems no matter who supplies the energy. 

I think this is such a brilliant idea, there have been so many times where I'd find myself driving home to an empty home, wishing that there was someone home who could put the heating on for me to warm the house up ready for me to arrive home. So this sounds just brilliant for that.

What do you think?

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