Why you should Blog.

For a media related reason, I, today, found myself scrolling back through old pregnancy related blog posts and whilst doing so my heart filled with so much joy. Reading through my weekly bump updates and looking at pictures of what was my growing bump brought back some of the indescribable magic that being pregnant brought to me at the time. 

37 weeks pregnant, blogging, why should i blog, full term pregnancyAnd then I realised just how grateful I am to have blogged those memories. With just a click, I can re-live my memories, I can feel that magic again. I can remember the small details that my brain had forgot. 

It's the same for Ethan's baby monthly updates or even any post for that matter. 

Being able to click back and read about how I felt 6 months ago and what I was doing and see photographs too, is pretty special. 

Yes, with blogging you may be putting yourself out there for the world to see, you may not want certain people reading about your inner feelings and your day-to-day personal life. But having the ability to, with one click, re-live life's magical moments, to me, out weighs any reservations I may have to what I do.


  1. Lovely post Alex, this is the reason I started blogging too, to document Amelia's life. Although i didnt start until her due date haha! x

  2. I'm new to blogging and sometimes it is difficult to fit into my already busy life but reading your post has reminded me that it is all worth it. x

  3. This is a lovely post and I completely agree. xx

  4. So so true, such special memories brought back to life anytime you wish xx

  5. I have just started a blog for this reason (amongst others) I think it will be nice to have a record of pictures etc :) xx