Life Lately..

So lately things have been good, though the Hubby and I are a little anxious with the whole are we moving or aren't we? That would be, waiting for the underwriters to approve or disprove our mortgage application - it's a bit of a life changer so fingers crossed! 

I had told you that we had found a buyer for our current shared-ownersip house, but they fell through as they failed their mortgage application (I think on the credit check, which we have passed). BUT we've found someone new, so hopefully theirs goes a lot more smoothly. *Fingers crossed - again*.

My car appears to be broken, the engine warning light has come on. /cry I'm taking it to a local garage on Wednesday, here's hoping it's not something outrageously expensive that needs fixing. Thank god for classic car insurance!

The microwave has died (May it RIP) so we are 'hobbing it' - that is, using the hob for everything that we'd usually microwave. It's annoying, it just causes more washing up... We're waiting to see if we can move, if we can the new house has an inbuilt microwave.

I've been a little stressed lately I and need to remember to 1. keep calm 2. take time out for me and 3. it's really not that bad. I think my iron may be a little low again, so it's off to the Docs with me on Wednesday for yet another blood test.. yes, it's needle time /cry. I suppose if my iron's low, it'll go someway to explain the sheer exhaustion I've been feeling. Though, I'm pretty sure that it is mostly down to trying to do the most stressful things in life all at once and having to deal with the daily fun that is scoliosis..

Ethan's amazing. He really is. He's growing so much and I find myself just randomly smiling at him throughout the day as I watch him discover tiny new things. Like today, shaking his head from side to side as if to say no. He's just the best. I tell him all the time that I can't believe that I'm lucky enough to be his Mummy.


  1. Awww beautiful pics! Look at Ethan's rosey cheeks!!!

    Eeek, living off the hob would crack me up! I rely too much on the microwave!!!

    I hope everything gets sorted with the house and your car soon


  2. Beautiful photos.

    Isn't it typical how things seem to go wrong all at once! You have a beautiful family though, which is all that matters :)

  3. Your little boy is just gorgeous!

  4. Aww hes such a cutie, I hope everything works out soon.

  5. Hoping you have some better luck coming your way.

    Ethan is just adorable!

  6. He is just adorable, and look how happy he is! Don't beat yourself up about being stressed, its a stressful time with the house, mortgage, car, microwave etc. Fingers crossed it all sorts itself quickly x