Childhood by Harriet from A Rush of Love

Thank you to the lovely Harriet for a personal insight into her childhood and her wishes for her own daughter. 

"When I think back to my childhood it brings back fantastic memories and leaves me with a huge smile on my face. My childhood wasn't conventional by any means and it would be easy to assume that I didn't have a happy time, but far from it.

My parents divorced when I was 6 years old. To be honest I don't remember them being together, my earliest memories are ones where they are already separated. At 7 years old, my mum made the somewhat crazy decision to move to France, me, step-dad & brother in tow, with not one out of the four of us able to string a sentence together in French. All I could say in French was "hello" "cat" & "dog", not the makings of a great conversation.

We went to a French school, talk about jumping in at the deep end, but I can honestly say never did I ever wish that we were still in the UK. I loved it. All of the French children wanted to be my friend as I was some sort of English alien. We spent 9 years in France, I ended up doing my French Brevet (equivalent to GCSE's) and passed. I was completely fluent, French people who didn't know me wouldn't have known I was English. The years spent in France were some of the happiest of my life and although I didn't have a conventional family life, it was solid and it built the morals and values that I have today.

That's what I want for Ava, a happy family life, I think everyone wants that for their child. I was lucky enough to gain from my parents divorce. I got two extra parents, a half-brother, a step-brother and a step-sister. I got to experience a different culture and all of those experiences made me who I am today.

In my experience your childhood builds you into the future adult you will be, whether your parents are divorced or not. I want Ava to have a happy childhood but most of all I want her to grow up with a good head on her shoulders. I want her to be aware of the world around her and have good morals and I hope that I can teach her that.

I was so lucky to have such a happy and exciting childhood."

Harriet blogs over at http://www.arushoflove.co.uk


  1. Ah you look like you had a lovely childhood

  2. my childhood sounds so boring compared to yours!

  3. Sounds like a great adventure, I grew up in South Africa, so know all about exciting childhoods. Hope I can share the experience with my son one day

  4. Aw that sounds lovely. Its nice to see that you took the goodness (gaining parents and siblings) from a sad time (I'm guessing!) x

  5. I think the knocks we take as children really help us to grow up as well rounded adults.

  6. i love holidaying in france its like UK 20 years before modern life corrupted us

  7. The pictures look so happy and full of fun! Thats how it should be! My parents divorced, and while it wasn't a happy time, it made me stronger and gave me the strong family values and beliefs I have today. My motto is, sink or swim, you look like you are a very strong swimmer! ;-) Lovely insight into your life.May you always be this happy! ;-)