Products I Love as a Mum



I'm really liking the Cussons Mum & Me range [1]. I had previously believed that their range was solely just for Mums to be, but actually, it was nice to discover, after they kindly sent me a few things,  that their range also caters to children and new Mums! Which is great as I was a lover of their bump range whilst I was pregnant. I've been testing out the 'New Mum' and the childrens range and I like them a lot, they smell gorgeous and the children's range is super fun. 
The nasal and eye wipes [2] from TLC are perfect for exactly what they're meant for. I love that they fit nicely into my changing bag. With the eye wipes I feel confident using them and knowing that they're not going to cause any harm to Ethans eyes. The nasal wipes are perfect for runny noses, being much better than a standard tissue as they boast menthol for easy breathing.
How completely and utterly awesome are the Lego lunchbox and flask? [3] I've never seen anything like it and as Mum, I don't think there's anything more 'cool' than buying your children this amazing duo. Obviously, Ethans a little young at the moment, but I just know that he will be as Lego obsessed as his Dad is! So this will one day make the perfect school lunchbox and flask for my little guy.
Last on my list of products I love as a Mum is the fantastic Milton travel steriliser [4]. Perfect for overnight stays in a hotel or for days away. We actually keep ours around my Mother-in-Laws for when we are around there for the day or Ethan is. It is huge so I believe it would fit any size bottle inside of it and it can be used in the microwave or can be used for cold water sterilising with the Milton tablets. I'm actually a bit of a Milton fan already, I think their anti-bacterial spray is probably the best for cleaning down highchairs and other baby contact areas. 

What do you think of my love list? Have you tried any of these? 

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  1. not tried any of those but i have used the mum and me stretch mark cream, not sure if its that or im just super lucky but so far managed to escape them and im on baby number 5(due december) xx

  2. I love the lego lunchbox and flask!