Holiday Packing Tips

We're off on our first family holiday on the 28th and I can't wait. We will be heading to the Lake District, which is where we went for our Honeymoon, it is just so beautiful there. I can't wait to show Ethan and visit some of the places that we did whilst he was still poppy-seed sized in my stomach! He's obsessed with looking at trees and being outside, so I couldn't think of anywhere more perfect. 

I haven't started packing yet, but I have to be savvy with it when the time comes. We are going with Adams parents in one car so we don't have a whole lot of room for all of the things that we'll need to take with us. So in light of this I have decided to put together my top ten tips for travelling light!

1. If there's going to be a washing machine where ever you are going, do you really need to take an outfit for every single day and a different outfit for evenings? Re wear and/or use the washing machine if there's one available. 

2. Travel size it! Do you really need a whole bottle of shampoo? A whole tube of toothpaste? Superdrug have a great range of travel sized toiletries. 

3. Plan outfits before hand. Rather than take lots of different clothes that you might like the look of, put them together to form your outfits for the period you are away.

4. If you're headed somewhere a bit cooler, like I am, pack a few different scarves. They can change outfits up if you are re-wearing, they are lightweight and keep you nice and warm! H&M have some lovely scarves at the moment, I just brought the same scarf from them twice in different colours!

5. Take the appropriate shoes. You don't have to take one of every single type of shoe you own, pick a couple of favourites and ensure that they are suitable for where you are headed to. If you're headed to somewhere hot with a pool, these Zuuks would be perfect for wearing to the pool. 

6. Are you going to be buying there? If you're heading off to somewhere that you know you will be doing quite a bit of shopping for things such as clothes etc, consider if it's really worth taking many clothes with you and remember you'll have to find room if your bags to bring him your purchases!

7. If you like to read whilst you're away but haven't got room for all of your books in your bag then it could be worth considering getting a Kindle, so you can have all of your books in one easy to read device.

8. Have a young baby? Can you save packing space by renting a high chair and travel cot from your accommodation? We are renting a travel cot and it is costing us £10 for the week.

9. Again, for those with small babies, for a highchair solution, if it's not possible to rent one, this portable table seat could be perfect!

10. My last tip, is the most simplest of all, and that is -- only take what you will truly use!

For anyone off on their travels anytime soon, have a fantastic holiday!


  1. I love taking lots of sample products away with me to try out xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I'm forever over packing but some how still keep in the limit! I still pack way to many clothes that are un needed - really helpful post though I'll take your tips on board :)


  3. My other half cant help but load the suitcase with anything and everything so that she is fully prepared. To be honest I am unsure what she is trying to prepare for because the amount of stuff she takes its like she is preparing for some sort of nuclear holocaust. I swear if she could put the Dyson in there she would do haha.

    Some great tips here - I love the one about travel sized products such as shampoo and toothpaste. In fact after re-reading through your list, each and everyone (apart from no.8 and no.9) apply to her - I will definitively be forwarding this to her as we are looking to go away at Christmas.