Vegetarian Low-Fat Salad

My Husband has been on a health kick lately and he has done amazingly well. He's cut out cheese and various amounts of junk food like chocolate etc which has resulted in him losing so much weight. He tracks his calorie intake per day on an app he downloaded for the iPhone and has changed his diet about to include lots of lower calorie foods. He will occasionally, but very rarely, have treat days, but his efforts have totally paid off after only four weeks!

One thing he has started doing is taking a vegetarian salad to work with him for lunch, it's low calorie and will fill him up for the day! I thought I would share it with you for anyone looking for any low fat lunch ideas - it's nothing special, it's ready made salad mixed in with a few other bits, like I said it's just more of a lunch idea. We were recently sent some OXO kitchen products to review so I've included them to show you them in action. :)

We use: 
  • Quorn Roast style fillets
  • Quorn Pepperoni style slices
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Ready made salad 
  • Free range eggs
  • Mayonaise - extra light
  • Low calorie spray oil

So yeah -  we cheat with the ready made crunchy salad bowl, but these days spare time just doesn't exist for us so anything that makes life a little easier is always good! The crunchy salad bowl on it's own isn't really our thing so we add the rest for a nice veggie-salad!

We start by frying the egg with low fat oil. First we remove the yolk, using the OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Egg SeparatorAdam removes the yolk because the yolk contains 80 calories where as the egg white only contains 15. Priced at only £4.50 at Amazon UK the OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Egg Separator is a fab little kitchen product! You simply hook the egg separator onto the side of a bowl and instantly you have the perfect edge for cracking eggs. The base of the separator catches runaway pieces of shell and prevents drips from running down the outside of the bowl. We think it's great for separating our egg yolk! 

Whilst the egg white cooks, we throw together the salad pieces using a quarter of a pack of cherry tomatoes in with the ready to eat salad, half a pack of Quorn fillets and a quarter of a pack of chopped up Quorn pepperoni. We then put this into the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl (as pictured below). I love this mixing bowl because with it being stainless steel it doesn't stain or retain any odours and the non-skid bottom stabilises the bowl when mixing. It is currently priced at just £12.59 at Amazon.co.uk.

When the egg white is cooked, we chop it up and add it to the rest of the salad. 

Next we use the fabulous and brand new OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner to completely mix everything up and in together to give a better taste! The OXO salad spinner is a great sleek design, it looks fab and modern in any kitchen whilst effectively doing the job that it's intended to do. It has a nifty break on it and the knob on the top goes flat to the lid, which means it is perfect for stacking items on top of it. This new design from OXO costs £26.00 from Amazon.co.uk.

Once the salad spinner has done it's thing.. It is ready! We move it into a container suitable for taking to work and add mayonnaise (if desired) and Hey presto! - Lunch is sorted for the next day! It's low-fat, ridiculously easy, cruelty-free yet totally tasty!

*Some of the cooking products featured were sent to us for the purpose of review. All thoughts are 100% my own. To find out more about OXO visit http://www.oxouk.com and to purchase their products take a look at their Store Locator or search for their products on Amazon.co.uk. 

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  1. How fab are those Oxo kitchen products, I must check them out xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  2. Yum! I've not tried any of the quorn cold 'meat' sort of things? Are they quite nice then? I'd like to try them but they do creep me out a little bit haha! That egg seperater is brilliant, what a nifty device! xx

    1. They're really nice! Definitely worth trying. xx

  3. I love egg whites & eggs in general! This looks right up my street! haha! I'd add the yolk though for some good fats! Xx

  4. Looks tasty!!! I want to try the Quorn pepperoni, I've never seen that anywhere. We always use Quorn mince and I actually can't stomach real mince anymore - but I'm always scared of trying new things coz I tried the Quorn sausages and found them rather gross lol

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