Dr Browns Bottles


I used the bottle again this morning, making sure I had screwed everything up properly to prevent any leakage... but I'm really sad to say that it leaked again. Though, Ethan drank from the bottle again this morning and again he wasn't sick, so I really do think they could be good for reflux.


We brought the Tommee Tippee starter set when I was pregnant and it has been great, but I've heard so many amazing things about the Dr Browns bottles. Literally, everyone I have spoken to that uses them always totally recommends them. 

dr browns bottles

My Son has terrible reflux - so we put a Gaviscon sachet in each of his bottles, but his reflux is still awful. Yesterday, we used the Dr Browns bottle for the first time and he wasn't sick for the first time in I don't know how long. I wouldn't be prepared to say that this was totally down to the bottle, because it could well have been just a coincidence, but I was certainly impressed. The internal vent inside the bottle eliminates the vacuum and air bubbles in the feed to help reduce wind related colic, so whether or not this helps with reflux I'm not sure, but I was happy with our test run. 

The only thing that I had a problem with, which could well have been my fault, was a little leakage as I made the bottle up. I'm still not sure why. I know that I didn't overfill it, so maybe I didn't screw the lid on properly? Who knows! But I re-did the lid and had no problems during feeding. 

I like the whole feel of this bottle.. the teat feels softer and looks a lot more comfortable for Ethan. I like the shape of the bottle and the fact that I feel that I can trust that Ethan is not taking in additional air. I feel confident whilst feeding using the Dr browns bottle. 

Depending what happens over the next couple of days of using it regarding reflux, I actually may well consider moving over to Dr Browns permanently for bottles and sterilising.

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  1. We don't use a bottle too often, but there was a chunk of time when I had to supplement and use a bottle to feed. I had one brand of bottles, but they were not working for us; the milk would go all over baby boy instead of make it to his tummy where it needed to go. After a few days of pure frustration with the bottles I tried Dr. Brown's because I had nannied for a family who used them. Baby boy loved them. I loved them. The milk went into his tummy and not all over his clothes and the burp cloth. If we have to use a bottle Dr. Brown's is the only one we will use! (I wish they would let me do a product review! :)

  2. Great review! I do love the design of them, all Dr Browns products always seem to come highly recommended by users!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks - UK Based parenting blog

  3. I haven't actually used these bottles but on Amazon I saw similar comments about them leaking so it put me off buying them :/ I've bought a pack of the Born Free bottles instead, which I'll use for expressed milk, so I'm hoping they'll be good when the time comes to use them. They're made of glass though, so a little on the heavy side x

  4. Would like to try Dr Brown bottle. Have known family and friends who had babies with reflux, others with colic. So would like to be prepared to best avoid or manage these conditions.

    Rachel Craig

  5. My son had reflux and these bottle, gaviscon and comfort milk really really helped. he started drinking proper amounts of milk again rather than fussing through a feed and taking a couple of ounces.

    I do remember having a few problems with leaking but i think you just need to make sure they are not too full. If i remember correctly there is a max fill line and if we went over that it leaked for us.

    Good luck anyway and i hope it improves for Ethan soon, reflux is horrible :(

  6. You have my sympathies - reflux is horrible. My son had it really badly and these bottles, gaviscon and comfort milk really really helped. suddenly he started drinking more than a couple of ounces and stopped fussing through feeds.

    I remember them leaking a bit but i think it was only if they were too full so maybe try a bit less milk?! good luck anyway and i hope Ethan improves soon :)