Dinner-time Antics

I have a question to ask; I want to know if all other Mummy's and Daddy's are having the same problem as we are. That is - not being able to partake in meal eating [mostly dinner time] without having to endure the stress that is their screaming child? 

It appears that Ethan has developed an understanding; an understanding of 'Oh look it's Mummy's and Daddy's dinner time'. On realisation of this he promptly decides that it is time to start the screaming! It's almost like he's thinking, 'How DARE you eat without me?!'

No matter what I do, it is every single, and I do mean every single, dinner time without fail. He can be asleep - he will wake up. He can have just had a bottle - he will want another. He can be as happy as Larry swinging away in his chair and just as dinner is pulled from the oven -- his happy smiles will turn into the loudest pitched screams my ears did ever hear!

This often results in my Husband gobbling down his dinner first, whilst I try to comfort and reassure the little monster our beautiful angel, all whilst my dinner sits there rapidly going stone-cold. 

Maybe it's coincidence, maybe he can smell our food. Whatever the reason, I have now got to the point where I have actually forgotten when I last relished in the luxury that is a hot meal, sat in front of the TV watching Hollyoaks, without having to pause and rewind at least fifty times just to hear what is going on.

Please do tell me I'm not alone?

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  1. You are most certainly not alone Alex!

    Oscar will start crying the minute we sit down to eat. Sometimes it isn't so bad as Stacey will have eaten at a different time to us, but usually we try to all eat together so we're all sat eating as fast as we possibly can. It can't be good for us!

    I have to constantly remind myself that Stacey was just the same. Perhaps even worse. Especially as she got older - she would show off in restaurants and everything. 9 times out of 10 I would order and pay for a meal that I'd have had a maximum of three bites of.

    Does Ethan get a lot of attention when you're not eating? Oscar does, which makes me wonder if that's why he doesn't like us to sit down and do something without him?! Hope it gets better for you soon.

    Louise x

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  2. Ah, definitely not just us then! He does get a lot of attention but not 100%. x

  3. They all do it, it's food, it smells nice, it makes them feel hungry, they're interested in it. It'll pass. in a couple of months you'll be able to give him a rice cake or breadstick or some cheese or carrots or a bit of whatever you're having and he'll be able to join in at mealtime :)

  4. Lol you're not alone!! I swear they have inbuilt monitors!

    We've even tried waiting until gone 10pm to eat our tea when Tyne is settled in bed - any other night he'll sleep soundly until 5 ish. But when we are sitting with dinner at that time - oh no, he's up! He's crying! lol...its ridiculous!

    Our way of dealing is that Jon entertains while I race through my dinner like I'm on the Olympic eating team while Jon entertains Tyne, then we swap and Jon eats his cold! Fun fun fun!


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