Would you be willing to reduce your life expectancy by 10 years to become extremely attractive or famous?

So what do you think? Would you? 

What I think:

   I'm sure that a lot of 'famous' people look at their lives and think to themselves, 'Wow, I'm very lucky - I've got money, fans and anything I want.' With money and fame seemingly going hand in hand I'm sure that this money opens up so many wonderful life experiences to them because lets be honest here - money can buy some pretty exciting experiences.
     However the question is, would I be willing to reduce my life expectancy by 10 years for it? The answer's, no. And my personal reason is that I only get one life. I believe that each day of life is something to be so thankful for. You know they say that being a parent is a privilege not a right, well I look at life as the same, life is a privilege not a right. Honestly, there's just no amount of any material thing or promise of a better body that would make me willingly give up a single day of my life. I treasure my life and the people in it too much. So no I'd not even be tempted!

I'd love to know what you think to this question?

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  1. In short the answer would be no. Life is too precious, you only get to live it once and I would never want to wish it away.

    Great question though xx


  2. Oh no, that would be like selling your soul. You don't know how long you've got either. No, no I'll keep those 10 years thanks! Xo

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  4. Hmmm its an interesting one!
    My initial reaction is no - because for a start death terrifies me so the thought of inviting it 10 years earlier than necessary is too much for me!!
    But on the other hand - if we do only get one life, would it be worth losing 10 years of it in order to be able to fit MORE amazing experiences into a shorter time because you had the money and ability to do all the things you'd love to - which you may never get to do in an extra 10 years as a "normal" person...If that makes any sense?!

    Sparkles &



  5. This is a difficult one. Unless you know when you are going to die, which of course none of us do, then maybe those extra ten years wouldn't matter if you could live an amazing life. On the other hand, would you be happier with more money and better looks and fame? Or would it just cause other problems?

    Sarah @www.bumpbabycandme.blogspot.co.uk

  6. If I knew that I was going to live to 100 (like some of my ancestors have--apparently it runs on my mom's side) then I would be tempted. But I suppose I would have to say no, because after a certain age those looks and fame will be lost anyway, and then you'll have lost on both fronts!