My Mummyhood Misconceptions

Before I got pregnant with Ethan I already had some preconceptions of pregnancy, childbirth and Mummyhood in general. I think everybody does. I was shocked to realise that actually it is indeed possible to get away with some of the general things that seemingly go hand in hand with becoming a Mum.

These are the top 5 things I've so far got away with:

Hair loss;

Unless you count those random pieces of hair that Ethan seems to find joy in pulling out slowly but firmly from my scalp, I haven't actually had any big chunks of hair loss. I had read on so many other blogs that fellow Mummy's were having huge hair losses and this scared me. But so far - so good. I'll be honest here though, I don't actually know when this is suppose to occur so I may well be jumping the gun with my gloating.

That 'oh my labour was just so long!' feeling;

My Midwife informed me at my 40 week check that I was in fact already in labour being that I was 3cms and 100% effaced, I had no idea. But even when I look back at the moment that I physically realised I was in labour and I felt myself contracting which was around 4 in the morning, to the point where I actually gave birth, 8 o clock that night, I just don't feel that it was a long period of time whatsoever. Honestly, it really did feel so quick to me. Yes, I know that's very easy to say now that I've healed and am more settled in to 'Mummyhood'.

Morning sickness;

I thought this was a given during pregnancy, but nope not even once. To the powers that be (if there are any) I thank you for this. So very much

The massive belly hangover;

Now, lets be real here, I'm not saying for one moment that I don't have a 'Mum tum' because I definitely do, I had just assumed that it would be more than it is. Actually, I had thought that my skin would be that saggy that I'd probably have to tuck it in to my jeans and that I'd even be able to fold the skin over! As you can imagine, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this in fact not the case even after having a 9lb 9oz baby! 

Afternoon naps;

I'm not really into 'napping' myself. I'd love to be, but I just don't have the time. I've always got some blogging that I'd like to do, or a bit of housework that needs to be done, there's just always something to do whilst Ethan sleeps. So I just don't have time for naps. Whilst I was pregnant, I remember that I was so tired especially towards the end, and believe me I did try to catch a sleep, but I ended up just laying there in bed, with the blinds closed, TV off, pyjamas on, phone away with a brain that seemingly was working overtime. No matter what, my brain just would not turn off. So no, I never napped.
Alex xo


  1. My hair loss didn't happen for a few months - think it depends on whether youre breast feeding and how long it takes for your hormones to settle. It's not like you go bald though, it's not something to worry about!
    The mum tum thing made me laugh a I defo lost tone in my stomach, bit my bump was all baby, so my bump went with the labour (which also didn't seem all that long to me!!) xo

  2. I was surprised about my belly too. The first few weeks afterwards, it felt like a carrier bag full of jelly - but now it's gone back to how it was before. It's still too big, but nowhere near what I thought it would be!

  3. If your hair shed as normal when you were pregnant then you probably won't get the post partum hair loss. My hair stopped shedding when I was pregnant and got really thick so it was the "extra" hair I lost, if that makes sense. I'm the same as you with the mum tum, if it wasn't for my scar it would just look like it did before pregnancy! My labour was almost 2 days but I was so excited (until the very end then I was terrified!) that it just felt really quick xx

    1. This makes perfect sense! My hair carried on falling out as usual during pregnancy and didn't get thick whatsoever, so yeah, makes sense that I haven't lost any!! Thanks!! xx

  4. I didn't nap either, every kept telling me to but I'd much rather watch him sleep haha. I agree with everything apart from the morning sickness :) I had all day nausea for months.

  5. Great post! I haven't had the hair loss either, but I did have hair breakage in the early months of pregnancy which was reeeeally irritating!!

    You're SO lucky to have avoided the morning sickness! lol! My sister is that way too, 3 pregnancies and not one moment of morning sickness - whereas I threw up all day every day for 28 weeks!!!! Horrific!

    Sparkles &



  6. I wish I didn't have hair loss. I usually shead a 'normal' amount of hair before I was pregnant, but once I got preggers not a single hair fell from my head. It was so nice! But now I loose handfuls, especially when I wash it. I was hoping this great hair loss would stop a few months after Emerson was born, but nope. It's amazing my hair is still so thick with all that I loose. How wonderful that you didn't have morning sickness either! If we could all be so lucky :)

    1. Ahh. So it seems right about what Sian said, if you stop losing hair during pregnancy, it all comes out postpartum! x