Being a Father

   I didn't have a Dad when I was younger, he left when I was very young {3 months}. This didn't really have any affect on me - I had a Mum, who loved me, cared for me and brought me up. I didn't know any different. You can't miss what you didn't have in the first place. From the age of 9 my step-dad came into my life and though we haven't always seen eye to eye, he is my father figure. He gave me away at my wedding, he is Ethan's Grandad. It's very true what they say, anyone can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Dad.

  I often find myself just watching, staring at Adam and Ethan together, thinking how very lucky Ethan is to have a Dad. Not just any Dad, an absolutely brilliant Dad. I know most people would say that about their Husbands/Boyfriends/Fiances but honestly and truly Adam is a super Dad. He loves Ethan with all his heart, he would never leave him, he'd do anything for him. He looks after me in more ways than I can explain and he works so hard to make sure we have everything we want.

 He isn't just a Father he is a Dad.


Happy Fathers Day to all the 'Dads' out there!

Alex xo


  1. Beautiful post and pictures xx


  2. You're gonna kill us all with the cuteness!! You and Ethan are both very lucky to have a great guy there to be your husband/dad, and it looks like he's so cheerful about taking care of Ethan! (Who is getting big fast btw! He has such a cute pout!)

  3. These pictures are so sweet, and I loved this post! It's very true -- it takes someone special to be a daddy. <3

  4. Don't they look so cute together? :) They look like they have such a strong bond already

  5. What a beautiful post Alex, and don't your two boys look alike? Just lovely!

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