Finding Relief From Back Pain

As a long term sufferer of back pain, I know just how hard it can be to try and 'carry on as normal' through the pain. Back pain is often misunderstood, there are many different types of pain that a back pain sufferer can feel. For example the back pain that a woman can feel during pregnancy and labour is completely different to the type of pain that conditions such as Scoliosis {curvature of the spine} can present. Whatever type of pain the sufferer feels one thing is for sure.. back pain sucks! So is it possible to find relief?  Honestly I don't believe there is a 'treatment' as such for long term back pain, but there are some ways to find a little relief..

 1. Watch your posture!

Pain is often triggered by bad posture whilst sitting, standing or bending over. We all spend many hours a day sitting in front of our computers/notebooks/tablets/mobile phones and this is fine, as long as we remember to take regular breaks and ensure we are sitting in a comfortable yet upright position. Choose a chair with good lumbar support or use a rolled up towel behind the small of your back for extra lumbar support. Keep your shoulders back and ensure the top of your monitor is in line with your eye level. Try using a foot stool to elevate and rest your legs to see if this helps. When taking regular breaks have a little walk around and at the same time remember to have a quick stretch of your back and neck muscles, this is especially important if you spend longer periods sitting down in the same position.

2. Don’t lift objects that are too heavy!

If somethings too heavy, don't try and lift it. Ask for help. It's better to ask for help than to hurt your back, especially if you are prone to suffering with back pain in the first place. Remember to pull in your stomach muscles, keep your back straight and lift with your knees. Remember not to twist when lifting.

3. Exercise! 

Yeah not everyone is the biggest fan of exercise, but you don't need to a be the super sporty type just to do some very basic exercises which could greatly help you find relief from back pain. There are very basic exercises which can be found all over the Internet, you can buy books, DVD's, and even find videos on you Tube which teach you them. I also advise swimming. Swimming can help strengthen your back and core muscles as could Pilate's and yoga. Even jogging or even walking around your neighbourhood should offer some pain relief if you can manage it. 

4. Use Heat & Ice!

You can get microwaveable wheat packs  which help relieve some peoples pain. Applying heat or cold on back pain will often help.. Using Tiger Balm or any other pain relief gel/rub is also a great way to relieve tired aching muscles. 

5. Pay a professional!

Whether you take a trip to the chiropractor, go and get yourself a massage or opt for acupuncture, it's all worth a try as long as you can afford to. Personally I find that I get the most relief from visiting a chiropractor, though on some visits I come away feeling no different. So it's a gamble for me and it's an expensive one at £35 per half an hour, it can soon add up when you suffer from pain daily. You should expect to pay around £20 per half an hour for a professional massage, but you could always ask your partner and get one for free which is what I do ;).  It is worth asking your GP if the NHS funds such treatments in your area, unfortunately mine doesn't but it does offer physiotherapy which can be good to help strengthen your muscles. 

6. Try Massage Balls!

Up until recently I was desperately trying to massage my muscle knots out by laying on my bedroom floor with a cat play ball underneath of my back. That was until a quick Google search brought me to these PhysioRoom Spiky Massage Balls . At such a low price I had nothing to lose by ordering them. When they arrived I started using them straight away and I was so pleased when after just 10 minutes of using them my back muscle spasms subsided. I'd recommend them to anyone that suffers with back pain, spasms or knots and the best thing about them is that you can use them by yourself by laying on the floor or up against a wall meaning you don't have to beg you partner for a massage or pay someone else! 

So there you have it -  my top tips for getting relief from back pain. 

*Please note that I am not a Doctor and this post was purely intended to share my own experiences and knowledge of dealing with my own back pain. I would always advise speaking to your Doctor/GP or health professional if you are suffering with back pain and you should always follow their advice as not to make your pain any worse. 

You can read more about my own back pain experience here.


  1. I will probably end up ordering those spiky balls now! Thank you for the recommendation. I lift a lot of heavy items at work so I have some form of back pain throughout most of my work week, and popping an ibuprofen just doesn't cut it any more.

  2. No problem, they really were such a great find for me so I wanted to share. Yeah I find ibuprofen only works up until a point. x

  3. Great tips, thanks for sharing. I still get back pain a lot after giving birth.

    Thanks for linking up at the UK Parent bloggers hop


  4. Exercise and routinely stretches will keep your from experiencing back pains. When I was pregnant, I was advised to exercise regularly to lessen my back pain. Like what you said, there's no way we can avoid back pains, but there are a lot of ways we can do to lessen its severity.

    -Shaunna Schumacher

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