Hello April!

Can you believe that it is April already?! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was saying, 'Can you believe that it's Christmas soon?!'.. And here we are - four months in to the year!

The sun is finally beginning to shine - even if it is still quite bitterly cold outside, Easter has come and gone, and most importantly for me this is the month that hopefully {please don't be late little one!!} I become someones Mum. I'm due on the 15th April and if he's like his Dad and he comes on his due date that's only 13 more days to go! If however he is like his Mum, he'll be very late and could come in May! {I really hope not}. I'm so ready for him now to be honest but I'm trying very hard to just be patient and wait. 

I'll just cuddle Charlie instead: 

Adam and I went out for a little walk yesterday to the feed the ducks, it didn't last very long as I constantly needed to go to the toilet and it was oh so very cold but it was really nice anyway. 

We're off to the hospital very shortly for our 38 week obstetrics appointment, so I'll blog about how that goes in my next weekly bump post, but for now I have a little bit of housework to catch up on {groan - does it ever end?!} so I'm off to get that done!

What are you looking forward to in April?

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  1. I can't believe it is April either, we are approaching half way through the year and will soon be saying "It is almost Christmas" again soon...infact there are only 266 days, 8 Hours and 21 minutes to go woo hoo xx


  2. I'm looking forward to some warm weather! Love the picture of you and Charlie :) xx