My MUST Haves During Pregnancy

   There are some things that have definitely helped me out a ton during the last 7 months. Some of these things have been invaluable and have stood out as clear 'must have items' during the sometimes bumpy and at times completely exhausting road that is pregnancy. Below are a few of the things I could not have done without. I will begin with my favourite, something that has sort of become my best friend throughout pregnancy so far..

Dry Shampoo:

I used to religiously wash my hair every morning in the shower before going to work. But I quickly came to realise a few months into pregnancy that I was just way too tired to be showering every single morning! I now take my showers in the afternoon when I get home from work, I still shower every day but I have made a big change to my hair routine since discovering how amazing dry shampoo is. I have managed to cut my hair washing down to 2-3 times a week and oh my gosh what a difference it is has made to not only my hair but also how long it takes me to shower! No longer does my hair get greasy if I don't wash it for only one day, in fact I don't actually know when the last time was that my hair felt greasy. I am also able to get home from work and have what is a 'quick shower' rather then spending up to half an hour in there and this is great for when I'm feeling completely knackered and just want to have a quick wash. I  have been using dry shampoo every single morning when I get up for work now and it instantly refreshes my hair, gives it volume and even lightens my roots up - which is amazing for me because I have have highlighted hair which grows out very quick! Dry shampoo: I love it!!

A bottle of water:

During my pregnancy I seem to have been consistently thirsty, so having a bottle of water to hand has been key in helping to keep me nice and hydrated. Also, what is up with baby care shops permanently blazing out heat all day long?! Don't they know that pregnant mums-to-be are feeling more than hot enough? (Mothercare - though I love you, I am looking at you). So yes, carrying some sort of drink around is definitely a worth while habit.

bottled water


For those random spouts of hunger and for when a little boost of energy is needed.

quavers crisps

Nearby toilets:

Ensuring there is a toilet close by at ALL times is a MUST. I often find myself thinking: "If I go just before I pop out then I won't need to go again for a little while." This is not the case and is definitely not true as pregnancy progresses. There's not a lot of room in there anymore, and the bladder is definitely feeling this.

female toilets

Pregnancy/Maternity notes:

It is recommended that these are carried around at all times 'just in case.' Though, unfortunately they're rather bulky, I do take mine to work with me everyday, and have actually found myself in the situation where I have needed them in an emergency.

maternity notes

PJs + Dressing gown:

Without a doubt I would strongly advise overly large PJs and a soft, warm, snuggly dressing gown. (I pretty much live in these). Always comfort over style for me. Yes, wearing baggy pyjamas doesn't exactly give off the 'I'm pregnant and glowing' look, but for me wearing comfortable clothes in times when I can often feel uncomfortable is invaluable!

cat dressing gown

The "Health And Parenting" pregnancy app:

My manager actually recommended this app to me after his wife used it throughout her pregnancy and I have to say I have been loving it! I can't remember how much I paid for it at the time but I've definitely had my moneys worth out of it and it wasn't anything expensive. There are absolutely loads of pregnancy apps available for the iPhone on the app store and I've tried a few but this is definitely my favourite by far! It has all the information I need on it, see pics below for exactly what this app contains. I love reading through the weekly updates each Sunday before I move over to the next pregnancy week on a Monday morning.

pregnancy app pregnancy apppregnancy app 
pregnancy apppregnancy app

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  1. Great post! I SO still use the dry shampoo...it's a lifesaver xx

    1. It is isn't it?! Can't believe I once never used it!!

      Bump to Baby

  2. Fab post Alex!!
    Batiste is a LIFESAVER in pregnancy!!! And I agree about the heat especially in Mothercare...I almost pass out everytime I try to go upstairs in there :(

    That pregnancy app looks fab! I actually haven't got any preg apps, I never thought of it! I get loads of different pregnancy week by week emails sent through but an app would be better, dont know why I never thought of it!


    1. Thank you! :-)
      Glad I'm not the only one that's noticed Mothercare's temperature!
      I also get lots of weekly emails, but honestly the app is so good, I really do recommend getting it.

      Bump to Baby