Christmas Day Round 2?!

Christmas came around for us again today! We celebrated again this time for Daddy's Granny who has been very poorly recently and unfortunately spent all of the Christmas period in Hospital away from family and friends. So today we went to your grandparents house for 'Christmas Dinner and Games' round 2 as she's now well enough to be home!

L-R: Daddy, Me, Uncle Josh + Auntie Ellie.

Pretty table decorations

Before we went round, we spent the morning at home painting the tester pots we purchased yesterday on to your nursery wall. To say they did not come out at all like they looked on the tins is a massive understatement!... It's shocking just how different the colours on the walls are compared to what the colours on the tins are!... 

 The colours we chose.. 
All very similar looking but just look how they came out on the wall..
From L-R: Crown 'Wooden Spoon', Laura Ashley 'Pale Twine' + Laura Ashley 'Pebble'. 

I'm not impressed in the slightest... Why is this always the way with paint?!..

So we will need to do a bit more research to find our perfect colour, as none of the above are it!! It's a shame because it would have been nice to have our colour picked ready to start painting next weekend but it's not a problem, we will get there! 

Tomorrow is week 26 (which means only 14 weeks to go before we get to meet you!!), so this morning we also took a few bump shots - heres one from this morning...

It's been a truly fast weekend, but I have another day off of work tomorrow, so have a little bit of extra time to get some of the things that we need to do complete.. along with a morning appointment with the midwife, but for now I'm off to bed to relax and snuggle with your Dad and hopefully the cats! 

Goodnight from Mum and Dad.

And Goodnight from Charlie!


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