My Wish List For You.. So far!

   There are so many things to get for you and it's just all so exciting! I am trying to be really careful about every purchase and make sure I do lots of research on things before we buy because first of all I want to make sure that you would be comfortable and happy to use everything we get, and secondly I don't want to waste money on things that end up not lasting very long and then have to replaced quickly. 

  As a first time mum-to-be I find it incredibly helpful and insightful researching and reading other peoples reviews. Here are just some of the things I have my eye on for you:

The Graco Evo

   I've not yet tried this pram out to see how I feel with it, but there are so many good reviews on it! I have been really stumped to find one negative comment about it which indicates good things.
 I love the way it looks, and how easy it seems (from watching a video) to fold down. It's over what we wanted to spend, and that doesn't include the extra bits for it such as the car seat and carrycot, which potentially we are going to want to get also. I'm going to test it out at a baby store and see how I feel, if it feels amazing then it may well be worth the money! But I'm open minded towards other prams, I've definitely not set my heart on this one alone. 
graco evo charcoal

The Fisher Price Jumperoo

  I love the whole look of the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo, it looks like so much fun!
I've only found mostly 5 star reviews on it, so clearly babies are loving it! It will be for when you are a bit older, but again it is rather pricey at around £100, so whether or not we actually will get it I'm not too sure yet. 
fisherprice jumperoo

Personal picture frames

  This is something I'd quite like to put up on the wall in your nursery. I am in love with this quote.. 
I found it at this Etsy shop. I am looking for unique things like this to frame (probably using white frames - potentially from Ikea) and this is definitely the sort of thing I am after.

first we had each other then we had you now we have everything picture frame

The Hemnes chest of 8 drawers 

  This is from IKEA and it is what we have our eye on at the moment for your room. I love this piece of furniture and we have the perfect spot for it in your room. We would probably use the smaller top drawers for your wipes and nappies etc, and will use the top as your changing table. The drawers underneath the top four, will most likely be used for your baby clothes. I quite like the idea of having some little baskets (which can be picked up also at Ikea) on top next to the changing mat, which would hold more of your essential changing items. 

hemnes chest of drawers ikea


  1. Hi, liked reading your blog. Can you please advise from your experience so far do you use pram/travel system/pushchair for your little one?

    1. Hiya, thanks :)
      We brought the Graco Evo, which is a travel system. We didn't buy the carrycot part because we don't need it. We brought the basic Graco Evo and then paid extra for the infant car seat, I would definitely recommend this. Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you for info) it is just soo confusing, one side of me thinks that I should go for a pram, which will be a nice and cosy “home” for my baby, as in pushchair looks like baby will be a little bit more exposed, which i do not really want on early stages of his/her life.

    If you dont mind me asking, what do you think about pushchair and your baby lie in flat in it? does it look comfy for you etc etc?