Knowing what to buy can feel a little overwhelming when you're expecting your first child. I remember looking at tons of reviews and lists when I was pregnant with Ethan, I as a new Mum, of course, wanted the best that my budget could afford for my new baby and when I did commit and start buying for him, I found it so exciting imagining the time that he'd be here using the things that we'd got for him.

I remember fondly how proud I was when I managed to get the exact pram that I'd been hoping to get after reading really good reviews on it, for a bargain price, despite the fact that it was new. And I remember the first stuffed toy that I got for him - a little multicoloured toy cat from Mothercare. I remember placing it inside his cot that we'd built and was ready and waiting for him in his newly decorated nursery. I don't think you ever forget those little moments. 

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