**This was not a review/press trip -  we paid to go to Atlantica Oasis ourselves, but I thought I'd tell you a bit about the hotel that we stayed at for anyone who might be interested. :)

A few weeks ago we took a family holiday to Cyprus - somewhere that we'd never been before and we ended up having a bit of a bittersweet holiday. Bitter because we'd gone with my Adam's parents and his Grandad and his partner and on the very first day Adam's Grandad partner fell at the resort and ended up breaking her hip. It's bad enough for that to happen at all, let alone on your first day of a holiday that you've been looking forward to and in a foreign country. We all felt so sorry and awful for her and Adam's Grandad. 

Fortunately, their insurance was absolutely brilliant and looked after them really well. Her operation went successfully and the insurance covered everything, even things like taxi's and another (nearly) two weeks stay in another hotel when she wasn't able to fly home with us. And whilst of course, it wasn't the holiday that we'd all planned on having, we tried to make the most of it safe in the knowledge that Maureen was being taken care of.  
A while ago we decided along with Adam's side of the family that we wanted to book a holiday all together before Adam's broth...
As I sit here typing this, I'm wrapped up in a thick and woolly grey cardigan and the fingers that I am using to type feel particularl...