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If you're lucky enough to have a designated room for play, then go wild with it, have fun creating the perfect fun-brightly coloured room of your childs dreams. But if you're like me and you don't have a room that you can designate solely as a playroom, then no worries. We can still have great fun creating a little space for our babies/children to safely mess about in.

Here's just three ideas that I'd like to share with you..

1. Start with the flooring

I have laminate in my living room and one day when Ethan was around 5 months old it suddenly occurred to me that I just had no where soft to put him down when I needed to. Before then we'd used blankets on the floor and a baby play mat. But as he grew and began rolling off of the soft areas we'd put down for him, we decided to take out our rather large coffee table and put down a lovely soft big rug. It opened up the space instantly and it literally is the best thing we've ever brought. Now Ethan pays on the rug and the laminate is no longer an issue, in fact it's great because he has the option of the soft rug area to lay around on and also the laminate to pull along his toys and scoot around in his walker. So the first move in creating a successful make-do play space is to tackle the play area flooring.