Life's about moments and memories, isn't it?! That's why as a family we try to make the most of the world around us. We spend a lot of our days off together exploring the places around us, be that with a simple walk somewhere that we've never been or on a day out or on a trip somewhere. The world is a big place and we hope to explore more of it in the coming future, but we also love to explore the UK and we love it when we find little gems on our doorsteps.

At the weekend we visited Paradise Wildlife Park for the first time after they invited us along to check out their brand new World Of Dinosaurs zone. I had watched a documentary not long ago on big cats which featured the Big Cat Sanctuary owned by Paradise Wildlife Park, which is dedicated to the captive breeding of endangered cats and helps to support big cats from all over the world. It was really heart-warming to watch and it made me keen to go and visit Paradise Wildlife Park. 

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