As you know I am slowly working my way around our new house giving you room tours. I have already shown you Ethans neutral baby nursery and today I am going to show you our back garden. Yeah, I know.. technically not a room but it's kind of still a part of the house! :)
It's not massive, but we don't need massive. My Husband categorically refuses to garden which means I have to cut the grass and do the garden odd jobs. This would be fine were it not for two things.. 1. I am absolutely petrified of bugs and 2. I do not know how to garden - I can't keep a house plant alive for longer than a day.
Luckily enough the lady that lived here before liked her plants so we have something pretty to look at. :) I am going to try my very hardest to keep them alive! 

I love our double back doors that open up - they're going to be so lush in the summer when it's boiling hot. Where the concrete is, we have plans to deck this. The decking will be the same height as the living room floor so it'll hopefully really feel like we're bring the outdoors in. We plan to have the decking going the same way as our oak floors are laid in our living room so we can really pull the effect of the living room carrying on outside off. (Timcowood.com appear to sell some lovely decking).

Here in our village we aren't connected to the main gas line, so we have gas canisters. It's a little weird for me and I've heard it can be bloody expensive in the winter but it is a small price to pay for living in such a lovely location. 
So there you have it! That's our garden. If you have any photos or you've shared anything similar on your own blog (if you have one) please leave me links below :) x
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The house is starting to finally come together and so I am slowly going to be doing a house tour on my blog, with a post for each ro...