Today I'm linking up again with Nicola from nicolalifethroughmyeyes.com for the 'Mummy and Me' link-up and am sharing some photos that we took this month of me with my little boy (who this month turned two years old) and of course there's a few snaps of my second little boy (aka bump!) too. This month has seen my journey into motherhood change a little as Ethan has become much more of a little boy now and is doing pretty much everything you'd expect from a toddler - the good and the bad! I'm now very much in to my third trimester with baby #2 (32 weeks this week) and so it's really hit me how close I am to becoming a Mum of two! Being pregnant and in the third trimester alongside having a very energetic two year old little boy, isn't always the easiest thing in the world, but when the mist of exhaustion starts to clear a bit - I remember how amazing being a Mum is and how unbelievably lucky I am.

I am linking up with  Nicola  from nicolalifethroughmyeyes.com (though I'm a couple of days late) for the brand new linky calle...