2nd birthday, 2nd birthday balloon,

I can't believe that my smallest boy is now two. It's weird to think because I remember so clearly him being in my stomach growing and I remember him being born and me laying him on the sofa next to his big brother (who was just two at the time). That was the first time my two little boys met and it's a moment I'll never ever forget. I remember how Ethan didn't see Logan at first and then when we pointed him out, I remember how happy and surprised he was. He has the biggest, proudest grin on his face and then he lent down and gave him a little kiss. It was one of the sweetest moments I know I will ever witness. 

And I remember that all so vividly, but here we are two years later. And it's been the best two years, it really has. We've done an incredible amount and have had incredible amounts of fun doing so. But it all seems to go so quickly when you're having fun, it really really does.
Dear my precious little Logan Berry, Wow - these past two years have really flown! I still remember so clearly being pregnant with you an...