Working, living and parenting two small children here throughout the process of having our side extension added, kitchen ripped out and a new one added in, back garden and front garden re-done and Logan's room made bigger has been a bit crazy. We did it on a smaller scale when we had the loft converted and the kitchen was probably our biggest challenge yet. But we did it! - Or we nearly have.

We're so close to finishing now. The kitchen needs to be painted and some electrics need to be done in there too. And then we have the furnishing part to do. We've ordered a new table and chairs, we need to decide on a sideboard and Adam wants to get a keyboard for our new dining space too as he loves playing the keyboard and wants to show the boys how to play it too.

We're thrilled with the space we've gained from having the front two storey side extension added on. It's opened up our kitchen dining space so much and Logan's old room feels like a completely new room! I watched our before video back earlier and I realised just how spacious it all feels now. Our house really does feel like a home we can live in for the foreseeable future as a family now.

Below I've shared some photos to show you where we are currently up to with the renovations and the space that we've gained from having it all done. Once the rooms and garden space are all finished I will be sharing room tours and a full garden post and video to show you how we've decorated and to  let you see all of the finishing touches we add.

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