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A few weeks ago we decided to change up our youngest little boy Logan's bedroom. I'd been craving a bit of a project to work on in the house and Logan's room was certainly one that we had room to improve especially so as we'd just sort of moved Logan in there after our house extension when we had moved Ethan into the bigger room. 

With Logan's room, our goal was to give him some more space. With all of the rooms in our home, we like to make sure that we are making the most of the space that we have available. And for Logan's room that meant upgrading his IKEA lack table and kids chairs to a desk that could stay with him until he's a teenager. To give us the space for a desk for him, we decided to finally let go of the wide chest of drawers that we'd had since before Ethan was even born. I loved the chest of drawers a lot, but they were taking up a lot of space we could have been using better. We also upgraded his wardrobe from a double to a triple and we thought his lego and toy storage to manage it more effeciently. 
Our little boy Ethan's, bedroom makeover is now finished and it feels so good to finally be able to say that! If you've been follo...