I had my first Son Ethan at 40+2 weeks pregnant, I was 3cms dilated and fully effaced on his due date and a (very) long walk the following day helped get him on his way. With my second Son Logan, I went to 41+1 weeks pregnant. At 41 weeks I was offered the stretch and sweep (also known as having your membranes stripped). 

Being that Ethan had pretty much been on his way out around his due date, I'd never heard of the stretch and sweep before, so I decided to do what most people do these days when they're not quite sure what something is, and I had a google of it, the results of which sort of worried me. The majority of what I read was expectant Mums saying how painful it was and how it hadn't worked for them.

As disappointed as this was to read, any pregnant woman who has ever been overdue will know just how desperate you can start to feel as the days continue to tick by without any sign of baby arriving and so feeling ready to try anything - I agreed to have the stretch and sweep done. 

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