Today it's raining - boo! You wouldn't think it was July, would you? But it's all part of the great British weather I suppose.

Anyway, since it's all grey-skies and rain clouds out there today, I've decided to wear trousers (well leggings actually!). Though, I've not quite given up on a good old British summer just yet, so my bottoms for today are all nice and floral, which is kind of quite summery isn't it?! :D They are from the good old gem of a store that is Primark and they cost literally less than a tenner! Actually, come to think about it, they were probably less than half that! Primark clothes are always such a bargain!

My top is from New Look I think and is actually old. I wore it a lot when I was heavily pregnant, so it's kind of misshapen now because as I'm sure you all know Ethan was quite the large baby when he was born! (9lb, 9oz -yeah ouch! And ouch again!) But apart from it losing it's shape a little, I do like it - it's comfy (most importantly) and I really like the cream pearl effect on the collar, I think that it's very.. me! (Whatever that means!)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sundays! We're probably going to head out when Ethan wakes up from his nap and enjoy some good old family bonding time! x

Hiiii Sooty! (Flat out in the bed - like a boss haha!)

Excuse the crazy hair - here's a closer look at that pretty collar I was talking about!

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