Our Story

If you read my About page, you'll probably now know that I was lucky enough to find and then marry my childhood sweetheart. His name is Adam and he is my world. This is us (pictured below) at the very beginning of our relationship. Though somehow it all just feels like yesterday...

(Totally unflattering I know - but this is one of our earliest photographs together).

How we met
Adam and I met at school aged 13 years old. I 'liked' him before he 'liked' me. Before I'd even had the chance to speak to him, I could tell that he had a strong and kind heart. I was shy, super-super shy and so  I didn't know how to tell him that I liked him and honestly, if it wasn't for my best friend at the time asking him out for me than I don't think I would have ever had the courage to ask him myself. (So HUGE thanks Becci!)

Best Friends
We became not only boyfriend and girlfriend, but actually, the very best of friends, doing literally everything together. Wherever one of us was, so was the other  - through school, then apprenticeships, then first jobs. And nearly 11 years later, we are still the same (though sadly we do now have separate jobs - but that really is the only thing that separates us!) and I love this about our relationship.

All Grown Up
At 18 we moved out of our family homes and in with each other, we then got engaged on my 19th birthday after Adam proposed in the flat we shared together, he was inspired by the scene from FRIENDS where Chandler and Monica get engaged. Adam's proposal was beautiful and the best birthday present I could have ever hoped for. After that we adopted four cats together and moved into a house that we brought through a shared ownership scheme. We then started planning our wedding and married each other last year just before our 24th birthdays. Around two weeks before our wedding day we found out that we were expecting our first child, it was a pretty magical time in our lives to say the least! Our Son Ethan was born on April 17th 2013. We later moved to a little village around half an hour away from where we were both born, had grew up and had spent our lives. Wanting a two year gap between our children, we tried again for another baby. I fell pregnant with our second child in November 2014 and then gave birth to another beautiful little boy, who we called Logan.

Life really is a journey and in all honesty - it's a journey that I could just never ever imagine embarking on without Adam. He's my absolute rock, my best friend the person that I know I'll love forever more. 
We were about 14 here - just babies really!

An afternoon after school at my Mums house, we were probably about 14/15 years old.

Adams 16th birthday. We celebrated at Prezzo, an Italian restaurant we've been going to for years. We often still go there.

Just about to go to our school prom at 16 years old. 

Adams 18th - we're at good old Prezzo again!

We took this after a water ride at Alton Towers, aged around 17. 

This was taken in Rome, this was the first time I'd ever been abroad before. I went with Adam and his family. I'd gone and got a spray tan before we went, haha! I remember being so scared to fly on an aeroplane for the first time and crying with worry the night before whilst staying at Adams, he reassured me I'd be fine and when it came to it, I loved it! 

Another from Rome - Adams standing on a tree branch or a rock to appear taller than me. In reality, Adam has always been shorter than I am. 

This was taken in Spain at around 18 years old, this was our first holiday abroad together as just us. 

Also taken in Spain!

It's blurry, because we weren't into photography then and we took a few quick snaps in a hurry, but this is how Adam decorated our flat when he proposed to me, aged 19.

This was taken just after we got engaged to each other.

At 23 and just two weeks before we married each other, Adam and I found out that we were expecting our first baby!

Photos from our big day!
This was taken on a boat during our honeymoon in the Lake District. 

My bump towards the end of my first pregnancy.

Us with our gorgeous baby boy Ethan, he was born on the 17th April 2013. We both look so knackered here! 

 Ethan and his Daddy.

Me with Ethan who here was aged just a couple of months. 

Adam, Ethan and I on holiday in Wales in 2014. I was pregnant with our second child here. Raising Ethan together has been utterly magical so far. It isn't always easy, but then, no journey ever is. Becoming parents has made us feel so utterly content - everything now has so much more of a purpose.

Our second beautiful Son Logan was born on the 30th June 2015. He was just a few days old here. 

First we had each other, than we had them and now we have everything. <3

Thank you for following our journey. xo


  1. How beautiful, what a fairy tale :)
    I think it is so lovely that you have been together for what seems like forever x

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  3. Reading this made my heart melt - how wonderful that you met so young and have grown up being best friends and more :)
    I'm also marrying my childhood sweatheart but I was 16 when we got together - we'll have been together 7 years when we get married next year :) Not everybody understands it but that doesn't matter :)
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  4. This is so beautiful to read and you have such gorgeous photos to look back on xx

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    Louise x

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  8. Aww Alex! What a beautiful relationship and family you have :) Stunning photos xx

  9. So adorable, me and my partner have been together since we were 17, it's so cute to be with your first love!

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