Happy 8th Birthday Logan!

I can't believe that my youngest, Logan, is now 8! I honestly remember so clearly being pregnant with him. I remember being overdue 8 days and I remember each of those days, wondering if that day would be the day he'd make his appearance. And I remember the day I bought him home and the moments that Ethan met his new baby brother. I remember those first few days and just trying to soak up all of the magical moments of being a family of four and finding our groove together. And then suddenly he's 8! Of course, with SO many wonderful moments and memories in between and a fair share of more challenging ones too, as is the same with all children haha. 

Logan is such a caring person. He's very clever and really switched on and so funny too! He makes us proud every single day and I feel very lucky to get to be his Mum!

For his birthday this year, it fell on a Friday and so he had school. But he woke us up around 6am to open up his presents. I still decorate the downstairs for the boys and I probably always will do and he'd already snuck downstairs to have a peep! After school, he had 3 for his best friends over for games and dominos pizza (I've blurred their faces in case their parents don't wish for them to be online) and he had a lot of fun! The house was definitely not peaceful or quiet, haha, but Logan enjoyed it and that's all that mattered! At the weekend we also spent time with family with was lovely! 

I can't believe he's growing so quickly! 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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