Logan's 7th Birthday Celebrations!

At the end of June we celebrated Logan's 7th birthday! His birthday fell on a school day and so he spent the morning opening up his presents and cards from us and enjoying playing the new switch game that he'd asked for and then after school we spent the time together as a family, playing a few family games together after dinner. 

The next day on Friday after school we took the boys and some of Logan's friends from school to a local trampoline park that the boys love going to called Gravity. Logan absolutely loved it and really enjoyed being there with his friends. We took them to Pizza Express afterwards for dinner and despite it being just Adam and I and 6 kids, it went surprisingly okay, even if at a few times it did get a little loud, haha! 

On the Sunday after that we had a family get together for Logan's birthday which was really lovely. We invited just our immediate sides of the family and also the boys Great-Grandad and we got some food in from M&S including their vegetarian sandwich platter which was so tasty! Fortunately, we had good weather so we were able to sit out in the garden and play a few games out there too which was brilliant. 

It was such a nice few days celebrating Logan's birthday and he seemed really happy with his presents which included Minecraft LEGO, a few plushes, some outdoor games and a switch game he'd wanted for a while, almost some other things.

The years seem to be flying and I can't believe Logan is 7 now, although to be fair that does seem so young still! I just

want to make sure we make the most of these days of the boys being young as I'm definitely learning that it's true what most people say when they say 'you blink and your kids are grown up'.

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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