Next week is my Husbands birthday and we are (excitingly) going to be in Spain for it and Ethan, who’s 8 and is our eldest came up to me a couple of nights ago and said “I really want to buy Daddy 'Toothless' from Build a Bear for his birthday as I know it’s one of his favourite movies. He does so much for me all of the time, he could be spending his time sitting playing games but he doesn’t he looks after me.” 

Struck by his thoughtfulness, I replied saying “That’s so incredibly thoughtful of you Ethan - he’ll love that you’ve said that, but I know Daddy will be happy if you want to spend the money that you’ve saved up on yourself”. 

He replied, “But Mum, why would I do that? He’s my Dad! I want him to be as happy as he makes me on my birthday!” 

And so that the weekend after lots of whispers between us and excited planning on how to get Adam in to town without him suspecting that we were up to something, Ethan took his Dad to Build-a-Bear and surprised him with his very own Toothless with the pocket money that he’d saved up (and a trip to Pret because that’s his favourite place for a coffee)! 

I'm always proud of my boys, they're both kind and thoughtful, but Adam and I have both been struck by how thoughtful and selfless it was for Ethan to do something like that - to spend all of his pocket money on his Dad at such a young age. <3 

Thank you for reading. 

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