Logan's 6th Birthday!

This year we celebrated Logan's birthday over a few days, mostly because his actual birthday fell on a Wednesday which meant that he was at school for a lot of the day. At the weekend, my side of the family came over and we had drinks and games to celebrate not just Logan's birthday, but my step-dad's too. 

And then the next day we went into town with Adam's side of the family to go to Pizza Express for lunch as a special birthday treat for Logan and then afterwards we went to Build-a-Bear which Logan had been looking forward to for a long time after his Grandparents said they would treat him to a new Pokemon teddy that he'd been wanting for a while. His Auntie came too and treated him to some new accessories for his bear and he had the best time. 

On his actual birthday he woke us up early to go downstairs and open up his presents from us. I always like to set up his presents the night before, with a helium balloon of their age and one of their favourite characters, this year it was Luigi for Logan. 

Logan was so happy opening up his presents and the sweetest thing was that he really wanted Ethan to be involved and help open each present with him. Adam and I just kept looking at each other and smiling, moments like those are the ones you hope for as a parent, especially when you feel like you spend most of the time refereeing sibling squabbles! 

Logan loved all of his presents, which were mostly Super Mario related as he loves it so much. He also got a new game for his switch that he can play with Ethan and they were desperate to have a go on that. He took in some lollypops for his class to celebrate his birthday and after we dropped the boys off at school Adam and I went for a little walk to get some fresh air and ponder the fact that our youngest is now 6! 

After school we drove straight to soft play and the boys got changed in the car. The boys hadn't been to soft play in over a year due to the pandemic but it open up a month or so ago and he was able to take two friends, which is exactly how many he wanted to take anyway, with him to play. He chose his two best friends and he was utterly thrilled when they arrived. The four of them raced around soft play together with huge smiles on their faces and Logan had the best day ever. The soft play centre even did a tannoy announcement for Logan to celebrate his birthday and then we sang Happy Birthday to him as he made a wish and blew out the candle on his Super Mario cake. 

At home afterwards, he played with his presents that he'd opened in the morning and then we played his new board game - Mouse Trap, which he loved, before he crashed and went to bed! 

It was so nice to be able to celebrate again properly, following the last year and a bit and it was so nice for us to see Logan enjoy himself so much! Below I've shared some of the photos that I took on my phone over the few days and also a video of some of Logan's birthday moments too. 

Cuddles with Nanna E!
Playing with Grandad in the garden!

 At Pizza Express
Build-a-Bear with Grandma, Grandpop and Auntie Ellie

Ready for the birthday boy in the morning. 

Playing Mouse Trap before bed. 

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