Celebrating Logan's 5th Birthday At Home

On Tuesday we celebrated the youngest member of our family turning 5! It's always a bittersweet time when your children have a birthday - it's such an exciting time for them and their excitement is contagious, but it also brings out all the emotions, as you question how they're growing up so quickly (especially so with the youngest)! 

It's been five whole amazing years of Logan and whilst we didn't quite expect his birthday to be spent at home at the very start of this year, we made the most of the day and he seemed to have a wonderful time! 

At the moment Logan is Blaze and The Monster Machine obsessed, so I'd ordered some Blaze helium balloons from eBay as well as a number helium balloon as I've always got the boys one each year. They get so excited about the fact that we decorate and lay their presents out in the living room the night before their birthdays, I feel like it's become a bit of a tradition and something we'll always do now - maybe even until their adults! 

Logan woke up at 4.45am on his birthday which was a bit unexpected but he was so excited. He went downstairs got a balloon and went back to bed, getting back up again at 5.30 and then 6.30, I don't actually know if he went back to sleep after the 4.45am wake up to be honest! We were knackered and lots of caffeine was needed! 

What was so lovely was that Logan was really happy for Ethan to help open up all of his presents with him. It was so nice to watch them sharing in the excitement together and Logan sharing so nicely. 

We spent the day (after eventually getting dressed) playing with Logan's new toys which included Playmobil and LEGO and we had a bit of a living room disco like we did for Ethan's birthday as well as pancakes for lunch and Domino's pizza for dinner! 

Unlike on Ethan's birthday in April, we were allowed visitors, so we had Adam's side of the family round in the garden for a bit which was really lovely for Logan. We'd seen my side of the family a couple of days before at the weekend for my step-dad's birthday and Uncle Mark also popped round during the day to give Logan a card and some money which was really nice of him. 

The cake was a chocolate cake with Blaze candles and it went down very well! 

 We had such a lovely time celebrating Logan's 5th Birthday!

Every year for the boys birthdays I make little videos to capture some of our memories from the day. I mostly make these for us to look back on, but if you watch them, then I hope you enjoy them too. :)

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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