Logan, Five Years Of You

I always find the days before yours and your brothers birthdays to bring up all the feels. I start to feel somewhat nostalgic and I find myself looking back at old photos and videos with disbelief at how fast the years have flown by. And even though it's a cliche to say, they honestly have flown by!.. I look back at your first birthday and I remember it clearly, but somehow its' been four years since then? I mean, I remember vividly waiting for you to arrive (8 days late), but I feel like I remember it all like it was less than five years whole ago. 

The last five years has been utterly amazing though Logan, you have no idea how happy and complete you've made us. Getting to enjoy so many wonderful moments with you and your brother makes your Daddy and I feel so content and so full of happiness and pride. Every single day I have moments where I just watch you and your brother playing or interacting or just simply being and I count my blessings. I will tell you now, being a parent isn't always as easy as it looks, but getting to be yours and your brothers Mummy is my absolute greatest achievement.

You are such a wonderful little boy. You're full of compassion, kindness and you're incredibly smart! And also ridiculously funny! You want to help all of the time and you love to roleplay and play pretend. You're the sort of little boy that moves insects so that they don't get accidentally stepped on and the sort to get a present and automatically want to share it. You love learning, maths, writing, reading - you love it all. You soak up information! And you're probably the funniest person I know - you come out with the best dance moves, funniest faces and quirky catchy little phrases. You're honestly a ray of sunshine. I mean don't get me wrong, you can be incredibly stubborn, bossy and you love things your way, plus you certainly know how to scream(!), but on the whole, you are such a joy! 

Your current favourite things are Blaze and The Monster Machines, Paw Patrol, Numberblocks, rabbits, play food, learning, Mario games, Lego (you adore building sets and getting creative), play-doh, Pokemon and board games. You really enjoy playing outside and absolutely love eating ice cream! 

Logan, it's been five years of you and whilst it makes me quite emotional to think that you're growing up (quickly), I am equally so incredibly excited for the now and for the years to come because raising you is such a pleasure! 

I love you so much, happy 5th birthday for tomorrow darling. Love from Mummy. xo

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