Ethan's 7th Birthday During Lockdown

It may not have been the birthday we'd expected to be throwing for Ethan this year as he turned 7, but despite being in lockdown and unable to see his friends or family, we actually managed to make the most of it and we ended up having a really lovely day and hopefully a birthday that Ethan will look back fondly on. 

Our original plan for Ethan's birthday was to have a soft play party with some of his friends from school and then a family get together at the weekend. I very nearly booked it actually, but I could sense that things were starting to change and that it was probably best not to book anything a few weeks before we did lockdown due to the coronavirus here in the UK. 

Ethan took it really well and was very grown-up about it, but I still felt a huge pressure the day of his birthday to make the day as special and different from the others as possible. We've been at home for four weeks now and I was worried the day, asides from his presents would feel a lot like the rest. But we managed to make it extra special for him and he didn't stop smiling all day. 

Logan and I set up a little soft play area in our living room out of our sofa cushions and a few ball pit balls that we already had. We put lots of blankets and pillows inside to make it extra soft. We set up a little dance floor area and played some of Ethan's favourite songs. We had a den area, a tunnel, a tent out and a little relaxing area too. We also ate a LOT of pancakes, which are his favourite. We had Dominos Pizza for dinner and a birthday cake with Pikachu on! He had lots of video messages from friends at school, as well as family and his friend down the road. He also had some cards from friends and family arrive too! We all danced and sung together and we played party games between us. The day felt just as lovely as previous birthdays have felt! And it made me smile so much when I overheard him telling his friend, that he was having his party at home with Logan, Mummy and Daddy and he was really enjoying it. <3

These are a few of my favourite photos from his birthday and there's a little video of our memories from the day below too. :) 

Watch the video:

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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