A Poem For My Eldest Boy On His Birthday

My little boy, you're growing up,
you made me a Mother, a proper grown-up.

I remember well, you in my arms,
My love, my pride, safe from harm.

And whilst you grew, and grew and grew,
as did I, I grew too.

Being your Mum has made me strong
 I get it right and then I get it wrong.

But we learn together, you and me,
You're my eldest little boy you see.

You make me smile, all big and wide,
And fill me up with so much pride.

Your cheeky ways, your button nose,
Your big blue eyes and your super cute toes.

You make me laugh every single day,
Even on the days that you make me grey!

Never change please my lovely boy,
the world is better and more full of joy.

I hope today is as special as you,
Happy Birthday my little Boo!

Love, Mummy. xx

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