The Truth: Two Children Two Years Apart

1. They allow each other to take it in turns to take the centre stage. And when I say centre stage, I really mean, they take it in turns to send us a little bit more grey one tantrum at a time. It amazes me how when one stops, the other begins and then when they stop, the first one starts back up again. They're in perfect sync! 

2. They're either sworn enemies or best friends. There's literally no in between in our house. 

3. The boys in their 'we're now best friends with each other' state, seems sweet eh? But what it really is, is them becoming a little force together. And when I say force, think a tornado moving through the house, think a blender without a lid on. It gets messy fast. It gets loud fast. It's usually always best to run and hide at this point.

4. They get mistaken for twins. Logan seems to be catching up height-wise with Ethan and being brothers they both look quite similar. It's absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I like to dress them the same of course. Although to be fair - there's method in that madness, if one goes missing, I'll just be able to point to the other and everyone will know who they're looking for. 

5. Everything is a competition. Somehow it doesn't even matter if the other isn't even in the race, it's always a competition. For example, Logan could be colouring and he'll declare that his picture is better than Ethan's, it doesn't matter that Ethan's been off running around in the garden for the past hour, nowhere near a colouring pen or colouring book.

6. They find each other absolutely hilarious. Trying to get them dressed in the morning and I'm winning at life because 1 out of 2 of my children is successfully getting their clothes on, but oh wait here comes the other, he's put his pants on inside out (though to be fair I'm proud that the pants are even on in the first place) and is leaning over on his hands, bum in the air, wiggling his bum whilst blowing raspberries at me and his brother whilst upside down with his face in between his legs. To child number 1, this is the funniest thing that's ever happened in the history of ever and that's enough to set him off and now he's joining in with it too! Reason why we're late too school number 10475.

7. Parenting two, two years apart requires a strategic plan. It goes like this: Avoid the shops. Avoid quiet places (obviously). Avoid aeroplanes. Avoid any length of any car journey. Avoid restaurants. Basically, any place where there might be other people who might become somewhat astounded that children aren't quiet, clean, always perfectly polite, little angels (you know the sort of people who forget that they were once children themselves before!), avoid, avoid, avoid.

8. It's like WWE in this house on a daily basis. The boys like to wrestle and when I say boys I mean my Husband too. I can't even tell what's play fighting and what's not anymore! ;) 

9. They know how to barter. They learn from eachother, they know what works. These lovely photos you see of them looking calm and smiley with their Mamma? Well, that requires payment in the form of chocolate usually. 

10. They're seriously good fun. No day with them is boring. There's never a day we wake up and it all goes to plan, but that's what keeps it interesting. 
  • They're messy, but I know that I'll miss their mess one day - their little drawings spread out across the house, all of the millions of cardboard boxes they bring home from school (that are a creation that they haven't yet decided on yet). All of their toys and the zillions of lego blocks laying on every floor of the house,. I'll miss the reminder of the fun and roleplaying adventure that a simple toy can bring and the creativity that Lego sparks.
  • They're loud, but I know that one day I'll miss my home being busy and full of life. 
  • They're cheeky, but one day I'll miss the fits of laughter they send each other (and us) in to. 
  • They're impossible to hurry along for things, but adult life is fast-paced. I'll miss them teaching me that not everything has to be fast and it's good to slow down sometimes.
  • It's getting a challenge to take them to places calmy, but who wants to spend all day at the busy shops? Running around in the sunshine, feeding bread to the ducks, going on an adventure through the woods and having a picnic in the park, is always more fun anyway! 
  • They love each other or they're squabbling, but nothing breaks that sibling bond, no one ever has your back more and no one will instil confidence in you more than a sibling. 
  • Having two children, two years apart is crazy, chaotic, hard, lovely, brilliant, fun, exciting and all sorts of amazing in so many ways. And we wouldn't change it for the world.

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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  1. there is a special bond between two kids that are 2 years apart, like any children (and adults) they argue but when it comes to stick together and defend each other when one of them gets told off, they are best and unseparatable friends, in my experience as a mother of 2 grown-ups and grandmother :)