Encouraging your Man to Tap into the Latest Style Trends

Some men like to go clothes shopping, others don’t. There are guys out there who will happily wear the same thing day in day out, literally. I have an uncle who has only ever worn Green Flash trainers, jeans, white t-shirts and bomber jackets.
The only time he wears something different is weddings and funerals. Then, he hires a suit. His girlfriend does not mind at all. But, I know a lot of women who are driven insane by living with someone who never buys fashionable clothes. If you fall into that category I have a few suggestions that should help.

Update his t-shirts
Most men wear t-shirts and are not too fussy about what type they wear. So, you could start by buying one or two of the latest styles of t-shirts from somewhere like Jacamo. It is generally best to stick to the colors he likes wearing and just try to get him to wear a different cut. This year, granddad style and longer cuts are the main new trends. 
Introduce new clothes gradually
If someone is not keen on trying out a new look, you need to change things gradually. For example, if he likes baggy jeans trying to get him to wear a skinny cut, is not likely to be successful. Whereas he may well give a pair of straight cut or boot cut jeans a go.
Rework what he already owns
Adapting clothes that he already owns to fit in better with more recent fashion trends can work. You can get plenty of ideas from this Pinterest menswear up-cycling board.
Adjust his clothes so that they fit better
When it comes to looking your best the fit is critical. You will be surprised by how much better an old shirt can look if it is taken in slightly. It could be as simple as adding a belt to a pair of jeans can make them fit better. 
Look at old photos for inspiration
Fashion is cyclical. For example, at the moment, a lot of fashion designers have taken inspiration from the 90s. 
The chances are if your man wore a certain style of clothing once, he will less resistant to wearing them again. So, get your old photos out and take a look at how he used to dress in the 90s. Not all of the fashions we wore in our youth will work well for us a couple of decades on. But, sometimes they do. So, using old photos to get some fashion ideas for your man can work.
Mimic what his friends are wearing
We all want to fit in, as a result, without consciously setting out to do so, most of us end up dressing a lot like our friends do. So, if most of your husband’s friends have started wearing denim jackets buying him one too could work. He is far more likely to want to wear something different if it fits in with the way his mates are dressing. It sounds childish, but it is not, it is human nature to follow the crowd a bit.

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