Happy 6th Birthday Ethan

In a way, I can't really remember life without Ethan. But in another way, I can't really believe that he's just turned six years old. That, Adam and I have a six-year-old. It's a funny age, on one hand, I think six is still so young, but I'm also aware that Ethan's also starting to become a tad more grown up. It's amazing to watch his personality and knowledge of the world develop more and more, but I'm always aware of what so many people with older children tell me - it all goes so fast and then before you know it they're in college/university and all grown up themselves. So Adam and I do our best to always try to create memories with the boys that will last a lifetime for us all. 

It's not always easy to create those special memories though of course, parenthood is no walk in the park, in any sense of the phrase. We're winging it most of the time, just as I believe most parents are. And sometimes there are times that I know we both feel we could have handled things differently, but that's parenthood, in a nutshell, to be honest - we're continually learning and Ethan as our first, leads the way in helping us to learn first hand what parenting entails. 

For Ethan's birthday this year, the theme was Pokemon. He seems to have a different theme each year,  - so far we've had planes, dinosaurs, cats and now pokemon. He's hugely into Lego also and takes after his Daddy in that respect, but Lego seems to be a running theme throughout Ethan's birthdays. He loves to create and to collect and Lego and Pokemon cards are ideal for that. 

Over the years we've realised that one of the most exciting things, is the actual unwrapping of the presents, so this year it was all about wrapping every little thing individually to maximise on the unwrapping time! We picked up a few bigger things for Ethan like a Godzilla figure he really liked and an Indoraptor toy from Jurassic Park, plus some Pokemon card decks and a new Pokemon folder for him to store his cards in, and then there were lots of little things for him to unwrap and have fun with. 

Ethan was really lucky this year in that his birthday fell in the Easter holidays which meant no school! We were able to celebrate his birthday on his actual birthday. For the occasion, we took him, his brother and a couple of his best school friends to an indoor trampoline park where he had lots of fun bouncing around and then we all went to Pizza Express, with Grandma too, for dinner and of course, birthday cake. 

At a cafe before trampolining with Logan and Grandma. Grandma kindly took Ethan to a toy shop and let him pick out his own birthday present- he chose more packs of Pokemon cards of course! :) 

Logan making some Pokeball themed biscuits for his big brothers birthday. He also made him a handmade card as a little surprise that we worked with Hobbycraft on.

Ethan's birthday was so much fun and it was the best feeling watching him enjoy his big day!

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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  1. What a super fun filled birthday! Loved Logan helping with surprises for Ethan too. Happy 6th Birthday Ethan and hope you got some awesome Pokemon cards