Pool Party and BBQ with Family For Logan's 3rd Birthday

It was Logan's birthday on Saturday - I can't believe that he's 3 now. 3 feels like a significant age because for months now we've been saying to Logan as Ethan's left for school in the mornings, "You'll be able to go too when you're 3". Nursery of course isn't quite school, but it feels like it - he'll be wearing a little uniform just like Ethan's and as the nursery is at the school, he'll be in the same building as Ethan is now.

And it will be good for him - he seems so ready to get stuck in and learn more about our world and have more social interactions. He's a social little boy and he loves making friends, though he's got some learning to do in regards to sharing and waiting his turn, but that will come. And it'll be good for us to have pure work time, to just crack on and tick things off of the to-do list. The juggle will feel easier. But I'm emotional about it all too, especially as Logan could be our last baby. I don't want these younger years with them to go too quickly.

But time always ticks by and now he's 3. We celebrated with a pool party and a family BBQ at his grandparents (my in-laws). My Mum and step-dad were there and so was the boys Great Grandad and his partner. It was such a lovely, relaxed day - it was exactly what we needed right now with all the chaos of renovating going on at home. The boys enjoyed themselves a lot and Logan didn't stop smiling all day long, which was exactly what I'd hoped for for his birthday.

I only took a couple of photos as I was mostly enjoying the day, but I filmed a bit on my video camera too and I put together a little video for us to look back on when he's older too. I've felt a bit out of touch with vlogging at the moment because of how busy things have been with the house, but putting this together was actually really therapeutic and I'm really looking forward to getting back into my groove with making videos.

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo


  1. Happy Birthday little man! The weather has been gorgeous screaming out for a BBQ and pool party!

  2. wow, three years old!! I remember you announcing that you were expecting - how time flies. Looks like you had a lovely day to celebrate, good weather for it :) x