Happy 3rd Birthday My Darling Logan

My beautiful boy,

I honestly can't believe that you're 3 today. I vividly remember the days I was overdue with you. You took 8 days to come out past your due date and I was so desperate to meet you. I spent those 8 days wondering, 'Is today going to be the day?' and I remember constantly re-painting my nails. Which always makes me laugh when I think back. I wanted to have nice nails as I knew I'd probably not have as much time or the chance to worry about things like that when you came. Silly really.

I remember going into labour with you - it started off with little twinges that would come in waves and I remember thinking 'Gosh this is much easier than I remember with Ethan'... But oh how I would eat my words - your birth turned me into a screaming banshee! I can't tell you how good that extra large cup of tea afterwards was on my (very) sore throat! ;)

I remember thinking I was sure I wasn't going to make it during your labour and wondering how on earth you were going to come out. Both you and your brother were big babies at over 9lbs each. It's a wonder really especially considering I was monitored during my pregnancies because it was assumed that because of my slim frame that my babies might end up being on the small size - as it turned out there was no cause for concern there(!!). ;)

Logan the last three years with you have been incredible. You really don't know how much happiness you bring to our lives - your smile honestly is contagious and your laugh is the best. I feel so lucky to get to be your Mummy. You and Ethan complete your Daddy and I - you've both made us feel so content and everything feels so much worthwhile.

You're a smart little cookie - you learnt all your numbers and letters really quickly and at 2 you know all of your phonics. You love joining in with your brother and you love joining in with Ethan's school friends at parties and on the way home from his school. You'll start nursery in September and your Daddy and I both think that you are going to love it. I'll miss our one-on-one time though, I really will.

I was just looking back at old photos of you and gosh weren't you (and aren't you still) cute! I feel like the days of you drinking from a milk bottle, sucking on your dummy and learning to walk were just yesterday. I'm learning that time flies when you're a parent and how essential it is to make the most of these young days.

Logan you're feisty, your determined, you're spirited and you're energeti, just like your brother. And you're funny, you're loving, you're clever, you're ridiculously cute and you're my world, just like your brother.

I love you more than you will ever, ever know little man and I wish you the best 3rd birthday ever - just please don't grow up too fast! <3

Love always,



  1. Three years go so fast don't they? It's amazing how much a little human changes in those first 3 years and how much they learn to do.

  2. What a beautiful letter. I remember feeling exactly the same when my son was born. I used to roll my eyes when people said make the most of every moment, they grow up so fast. They were right.