The Me and Mine Family Portrait Project - Feb 2017

If I'm sure of one thing then it is that my boys are NOT at all, not even in the slightest, fans of the snow. They do not like it. I mean sure, they get excited (as we all do) when they see the snow start to fall outside of our window from within the warmth of our house, but if you take them out in it then you can guarantee that they'll be straight back in, usually less than a minute later!

I mean to be fair to them, they do take after me in that respect - I quite honestly despise the cold, I really really do. I have poor circulation and when I'm cold my fingers slowly start to turn yellow one by one whilst the rest of my hand goes a nice shade of lobster-red. It's fascinating to watch and almost alien-like, but it feels so strange!

Despite this, with time throughout the month having run away with itself and eventually running out yet again for our monthly family photo that I like to get,  I thought the snowy backdrop of our garden would be ideal for a last minute family photo. It just so happened that we got really lucky (or not by the look on the boys faces as well as my Husband's before we took the photo!) that our back garden turned into a giant snow globe just as went to take the photo - it looked so pretty.

Honestly we were out there for less than four minutes (if that), but the boys were having none of it - which I know my Husband was quite relieved about. So in we came! But that's us - another month, another photo and another story behind said photo. Those are always the best kind I think! ;)

February 2018 has come and gone, but it always does doesn't it with it being the shortest month of the year?! Valentines Day feels like yesterday - we went bowling in the morning with the boys and that was fun. Logan was so sweet shouting 'Go baallll' every time he pushed his bowling ball down the ramp. He got fed up of it all by the end so we were pleased that we booked just the one game. Adam and I had an M&S meal deal in the evening - we waited until the boys were in bed and then lit a candle and poured some wine and it was really nice.

We also had half term and that went quite well considering that we were juggling work with looking after our 2 and 4 year old. I've discovered that planning half term and half term activities is key -though it doesn't always mean that things go to plan. We went to the Oxford museum the Saturday before half term and the boys loved it until Logan threw the biggest (and longest) tantrum we've possibly ever seen, haha.. Oohh to be 2! ;)

Adam and I had a Saturday to ourselves this weekend just gone and it was so lovely to spend some quality time together - we wandered around a National Trust property and then we went for a really lovely dinner in an equally lovely recently renovated pub. And then after that we watched The Greatest Showman, we paid for the more expensive tickets as we couldn't make any of the other showings, but we ended up getting our money back because the showing turned out to be the sing-a-long version and not the normal version which we'd booked. So that was a bit of a bonus, especially considering no one actually sung! ;)

I really can't believe that we're ending February with snow (and with more predicted for the next few days in early March). I'm so desperate for Spring now, I can't tell you how much! Probably more so, because we're going to Disneyland Paris mid March and I'm keeping everything crossed that we get a tiny bit of sunshine at the very least! But who knows - we've had so much snow these past few months haven't we?! Either way, we're all so excited about Disney. I can't wait to go and make some more fun and exciting memories with my favourite people. :)

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 

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  1. Oh gosh these pictures look like such winter wonderland pictures - just like in those snow globes! Disneyland trip sounds great - I am sure that will be amazing come March!