The Boys In February 2018 - Half Term Bonding!

These might just be my favourite photographs yet of the boys. I decided to try (and I say try because they're not always in the mood, especially when they're together as they'll often go a little crazy) but I decided to try and get a little photo of them together in their matching pyjamas after their bath on Sunday. We had an early bath as we usually do each Sunday and I thought as we had no plans to leave the house, they might as well get back in to their pyjamas. Usually I have to do something to make them look my way and laugh and I was preparing a joke or something funny in my head, but I randomly asked them to lean in and give each other a cuddle half expecting them to refuse, but to my surprise they did and I quickly snapped a couple of photos which have now become my favourite! 

And these photographs really suit how things have felt lately, I mean don't get me wrong, my boys are certainly not the sort to sit and hug and play nicely together 100% of the time, they're both headstrong little guys who like their own space and their own things and who aren't afraid to stand their ground with each other. But I've noticed that half terms and school holidays generally seem to bring the boys closer together. I guess it's because they have so much more opportunity to find a friend in one another, they're also both on the same page - usually during the week Ethan's at school, whilst Logan's at home and so they're off doing their separate things and therefore in different frames of minds. But during the holidays it's just them and so pretty quickly they'll come together and find the fun in being brothers far more than they do during the school term.

The half term has meant that we've been able to have some all round fun family time together, it's a juggle with work as both my Husband and I work from home mostly, but it's incredible to be able to call the days our own and to plan fun activities. We've been to the museum, the library, the charity shop for a few new things. We've been to soft play and bowling and we've made dens at home, ate pancakes, done crafting and much more. These are my favourite sorts of days with the boys where it's all about making memories. <3

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 


  1. Half terms for us are either dreadful or the best time for the girls to bond. These photos of your boys are so cute!

  2. Ah they are just the cutest and looking more and more alike! The school holidays definitely bring my girls closer together and it's lovely to watch x

  3. I see you fit in loads. I have been watching your Instgram too. We had mid term last week as well and I am glad we took two days off and did something with the two of them because they had a ball. #siblingsproject