The Boys In January 2018 - Two Little Boys, 2 Years Apart, The Same But Different

I think one thing is for sure with my boys... they really are both as headstrong as each other: they both know how to fight their corner, they both share a determination to get what they want and they're both full of energy and are very strong-willed. (A bit like their Mum and Dad then! ;).) And whilst that often means a lot of noise, sibling squabbles and arguing back (plus of course the two year old tantrums and the four year old 'tude), it also means that life is rarely dull.

The thing is is that I love their energy and their determination (perhaps not quite as much when it's directed at me after I've told them no to something or have asked them to do something). And I love that they're quite the same - itt seems more equal that way. They remind me of each other a lot - but then they are also quite different too in their own little ways.

Ethan's currently more creative (but maybe that's his age?). He's in to his LEGO and can follow a lot of the instruction booklets for lego sets that are aged 9+ by himself with a little help from his Dad. He's also good at drawing and coming up with ideas.

Logan at two is quite into numbers and his ABC's. He's also learning colours at the moment too - he seems to really enjoy learning new things. He recites what he hears and he sings nursery rhymes to himself a lot. He's honestly like a little sponge at the moment - just soaking everything in. 

It's crazy how fast babies change in the first two years - it seems amazing to me that Logan, though smaller than Ethan, has caught up so much with his big brother. Having two children two years apart is hard work as much as I love it - but I'm so glad that we've got the small age gap between them, it feels amazing to have these two tiny people growing together. It's amazing watching their brotherly relationship grow and change. 

The squabbling isn't so fun of course - but the moments that they laugh and play together honestly can't be beaten. And I love that they'll always have each other and that when we go for days out, when we go on holidays or when we're just at home chilling, they have a little friend in each other.

I truly do love raising these two, it's a complete honour to get to be their Mummy! 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 
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  1. Ah I love reading (and seeing) your updates about the boys - they're both so adorable! And I love your photos - I really need to improve my photo-taking skills! Having a sibling is the loveliest thing. I know I used to argue with mine when I was little, but now I'm so glad to have ready-made friends who are always there :)

    Jenny xx