The Me and Mine Family Portrait Project - January 2017

Oh January, you are most peoples least favourite month aren't you?! January always feels a bit long, even though I suppose, it, like most months lately has flown by. But the days can sometimes feel a bit long when you're sitting indoors looking out of the window at the grey and the cold and the rain, hoping for just a glimmer of sun. 

I'm desperately ready for Spring now, we're much more of a Spring/Summer sort of family. We are happiest when we're outdoors and we love nothing more than exploring and feeling the sun against our skin. I think that's why our summer holidays are so full of days out to different and new places and why we'll always continue our National Trust membership. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm a homely sort of person and I love feeling snugly but nothing beats a bit of fresh air.

This month we've had a few family birthdays, we've also had some sickness too.. Poor Ethan came down with a pretty nasty viral infection for a few days which made him feel horrible. He came out in a rash on his chest and back and then it spread to his face. It's gone down a lot now, but you can still see it in the photo above.

January hasn't been a bad month (I just like to moan about the weather), we very excitingly booked a trip that we absolutely can't wait for... we're going to Disneyland Paris! We go for four nights in March and honestly I cannot wait! I fell in love with all things Disney just over two years ago now when we were incredibly invited to Walt Disney World in Florida by Disney themselves for a family holiday. It was the most magical place we've ever been and I've been in to all things Disney since then! I'm finding the planning of it so much fun that I almost feel like our holidays started when we booked it!

January has also been the month of feeling on top of things, Adam and I have worked really hard to tick things off of our to-do list sand keep up to date with daily tasks and it feels really good. Ethan's doing well at school and he's become so much more interested in his reading - it's pretty amazing to watch my baby (he'll always be my baby) starting to learn to read. :) Logan is really into learning at the moment too, at two and a half he can do his ABC's, he can count to ten, he knows his colours and a lot of shapes too. He's like a little sponge at the minute just soaking everything in! He's going to love nursery when he starts in September, but for now we're enjoying spending quality one-on-one time with him whilst Ethan's at school during the day. :)

I hope you've all had a lovely month and I hope you all have a great February too!

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 

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  1. Oh gosh - it is horrible when your little ones get sick. I hope he is feeling much better now! And wow, Disneyland - that sounds fab!