The Boys In December 2017 - After School Tiredness & How We Feel About The Idea Of Having Another

Yay - time for one of my favourite monthly posts. I really enjoy writing these sibling posts - I like being able to sit and properly reflect on how the boys have been getting on over the past month or so. And I like looking back at photos I've taken of them because photos of them together are probably my favourite, just after photos of all four of us together of course.

matching christmas pyjamas

It's been a funny old month - a bit of an up and down one if you'd like. Ethan's getting very tired at school and we're finding that his full time school routine is just totally zapping all of his energy. But the thing with Ethan, and it's always been this way with him, is that when he's tired he actually appears to have even more energy and he can go quite silly and a bit crazy, in a way that is hard to calm down. He stops listening and I can instantly recognise it in him. 

He's always loved his sleep - I remember him being the only baby on the ward that didn't wake/cry the first night that I had him. He used to nap up to four hours a day and he only gave up his nap when his nursery hours meant that he had to. I wrote more about school and the after school grumpiness and tiredness that we're going through right now in a blog post the other day. I know it's something that probably a lot of children go through, but it's sometimes quite a challenge to deal with, especially when he takes it out on us/his brother. But don't get me wrong, I know it's not personal or really Ethan's fault and I'm sure, in time, when he's more used to school, it will pass.

We're finding that Ethan seems closer to Logan when he's off at the weekend, I guess 1. because he's not so tired and seems so much happier for it and 2. because he starts the day with him and he knows that Logan is his friend for the day. And so for this reason we're so looking forward to the Christmas break, I can't wait to have Ethan home for a couple of weeks. I really think he could do with the break and I know that the boys will have so much fun playing together with their new toys.

I still feel in a state of not believing how lucky I am to be Mummy to these two, I don't know if I will ever stop feeling like that? I just love them both so much. They're both quite similar in that they're strong-willed, strong-headed and both very spirited, but they're also clever and creative and loving. I don't think that they quite realise how alike they are just yet - both in looks and in personality!

With the boys at two and four, we honestly feel like we have our hands full. We've spoken about if we'd ever like another child and quite honestly we just don't know, but we do know that we don't feel ready yet. We've left it at, we're going to see how we feel perhaps in two years time. But either way, we're happy. We've got our hands full and our hearts full and that's exactly what we could ever have hoped for. I think for us going from two to three feels like a much bigger jump and then there's all the practical things too like that the boys would have to share a room as we want to stay in our current house for the foreseeable future. And there's the fact that we'd need a bigger car and just silly things like that I suppose. But of course, it's more about would we cope okay? If our hands feel full now, how would we feel adding another to the mix. Is that what we want to do? Or do we want to solely focus on the two children that we are already lucky enough to have? It's such a personal and big decision and one I think we want time to think about. We want to experience more of parenthood before we decide on the final number of children that we'd like to have I guess. 

But right now, we're having a lot of fun raising our boys. We both say how tough parenthood is, but we also both say how incredible it is too. I know that being a Mum is what makes me the most happiest. I know that having young children makes me incredibly content. And I know that life feels so much more fun with these two cheeky monkeys in it. 

matching christmas pyjamas

I also just wanted to say a huge thank you to JoJo Maman Bebe for the boys' absolutely adorable christmas pyjamas. I couldn't love them on then anymore if I tried to! I'm so looking forward to watching them open up their Christmas presents in them on Christmas Day. I think they look so cute!

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 
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  1. Those matching pjs are just gorgeous on them. They look so grown up. This year has flown by hasn't it? The kids grow up far too fast but I love the end of the year for this project it's my favorite month seeing fave photos of the year just gone by. Happy Holidays. #siblingsproject

  2. Such cute festive pics of the boys. Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas. #siblingsproject

  3. Love their PJs! End of school term is always the hardest part and it doesn't get any easier! Have a lovely Christmas with your boys x

  4. I like the selection of Christmas jumpers they have. My two only had one each this year. We didn't get much wear out of them just yet. They can't wear anything knit

  5. What lovely happy photos of your boys and I love their matching Christmas pyjamas. We've had the end of term tiredness too. It makes a difference at the weekend with my girls too - they play better together because of being less tired and having the whole day together. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. #siblingsproject

  6. Such sweet photos Alex. They remind me so much of our two, they're so sweet! And what you say really resonates with me. Freddie also gets so so tired and a bit silly after school. He honestly has no energy to do anything bar lay on the sofa and watch a film. I find it really hard work to get him motivated to do anything and I find it hard work to get him to want to do his class reading and sounds and things like that. We also have a set of very spirited, strong willed boys! Such a lovely post to read xx