The Ordinary Moments: Their First Time Trick Or Treating | Halloween 2017

Well I can't believe that Halloween has come and gone just like that and that now we're in November, I mean, it's Christmas next month!

Halloween this year was probably my favourite Halloween yet, we really embraced it and went all out with making Halloween cakes, visiting the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, decorating the house and having a Halloween themed dinner with spooky crackers (or trackers as Ethan keeps calling them, haha!) on Halloween night. We also watched Hocus Pocus and all dressed up as skeletons, it was so much fun! 

We actually took the boys trick or treating for the first time this year and honestly, it was just the sweetest thing! They were so excited to go after seeing trick or treaters come to our house. Every time we had someone come to the door, Ethan would open it with his bowl of sweets and say, "Happy trick or treating!, it was so sweet!

When it came to us taking them out, we just went around the block and only knocked at houses that were either decorated or had left a pumpkin outside. Considering that we only went around the block, the boys actually did quite well for sweets - it's really nice to see more and more people taking part in Halloween as it's a lot of fun for the kids. 

The boys, in their skeleton outfits holding their little Halloween torches, were so confident knocking on people's doors, even Logan who's just two was knocking. I don't think I was much of a confident child myself, so seeing my two boys with so much confidence fills my heart with joy and pride. When people opened their doors up to them, Ethan would again shout, "Happy trick or treating." bless him. And he made us laugh when someone handed him some sweets and he proceeded to ask us if they were vegetarian, we're really proud that he seems to be really interested in us being vegetarians. 

I wanted to share a few photos and these memories here as we really did have such a nice Halloween this year. I'm so glad that we have chosen to embrace the seasonal events with the boys throughout the year because we always have such fun and make the best sorts of memories. 

halloween home decor,

I hope you all enjoyed Halloween with your little ones if you took part. 
If you did, what did they dress up as? 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 
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  1. Ethan and Logan are definitely the cutest skeletons I've ever seen! I'm really glad you all had a good time together :)

    Jenny xx


    1. Thanks Jenny. It was seriously so lovely to see them enjoy it so much. Everytime I look at the photos of them knocking on the doors, my heart melts a bit more. :') x